Oshkosh ’91 – Flight aboard a 1931 Stinson Model T tri-motor

Flight aboard a 1931 Stinson Model T (SM-6000-B) tri-motor video taped at the Oshkosh, Wisconsin airshow in July, 1991. This was the first flight of the day and consequently, the left engine was a bit hesitant to start, but after a bit of struggle, it eventually fired right up. For around $75.00 you got an approximately 8 minute flight basically going up and down in the take off and landing pattern east of the airfield. The Stinson Model T tri-motor was powered by three Lycoming R-680 engines totaling 645 HP at takeoff. It carried 10 passengers and had a cruising speed of 110 mph. Operators of the Stinson Model T include American Airlines, Pennsylvania Air Lines, and Delta Airlines (purchasing their T’s secondhand from American Airlines). This aircraft fell out of favor not too long after its introduction in airline service due to the arrival of faster, greater load carrying and more modern airliners such as the Boeing 247 and Douglas DC-2.

Apparently two still exist, both in the U.S.